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What they don’t want you to know about what we eat!

Have you heard of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)??? Am I even surprised that this society is monetarily motivated…so much so that the elite create illness just to keep the economy in motion?! Well guess what, there is a group of people that make big bucks every time your aunt, my uncle, our cousins and thousands of others are diagnosed with a disease. How you ask? Well, before this doctors visit you believed that you had a good bill of health… Then you follow the doctors orders and go get your blood work done or your blood pressure checked. Then out of nowhere you are told your numbers are off and the only way to fix it is to take medication. How do you receive that medication you ask? Well, the nice doctor scribbles some stuff along with a signature and you take it to the pharmacy and they are glad to fill it. You know the process…this is how our economy functions. The saying is “money is the root of all evil” so why is it so hard for people to realize this country is ran by the evil doers since everything we have a natural born rite to cost money, don’t you get pissed when you have to pay for oil, water, lights, etc?!. There is still time for us to change and make a difference. If it is processed, its purpose is to make disease. Read and google the ingredients you eat. If you can’t pronounce it, you should think twice about consuming it. The cheap stuff doesn’t make it to the hoods by coincidence, it is part of a plan. What will you do about it? GMO’s are seeds that our ingredients grows from to make our food, it is created to stop insects from ruining the crops which is a waste of money…the food industry hates wasting money so they put chemicals in our food to stop it from going bad. Our animals eat it and get sick and those diseases are passed on to us. Don’t believe me, research it for yourself! It is my duty to pass what I have learned unto you, even if it only reaches one. One by one we can change the world.

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Believing in Faith, without believing in Religion

I’m annoyed by people with little to no faith….they claim their current situation as though it can’t change. They claim disease as though they can’t be healed…they claim death as though they can’t continue to live smh. In my life I have taken sooo many steps out on faith alone just to see for myself what the Universe can do…ignored those around me who are faithless and I tell you…it is amazing! I’ve received money, cars, jobs, relationships, places of shelter, protection all without knowing what the heck was going on, all I knew was it HAS to work out! If I could find more people like that, I would be more social…right now I’d rather just stay in my own world where I believe anything is possible! It gets hard at times and when you look in your pocket at there is no money or you open the refrigerator and it is bare or when you have more bills than income it can be a little frustrating and we may say things because we are confused and upset, but take back those negative words and thoughts immediately and replace them with positivity. The Universe will forgive you and also change your situation. I don’t believe in any particular religion I feel they create separation and war, my religion is love. However I do have faith in a higher entity, not the Son…but the Sun the Creator of the Universe. It doesn’t matter if you believe what I believe or not, the key is to realize you were created with purpose an destiny and your God will not being you this far just to have you suffer, there are lessons an blessings to be acknowledged within the struggle and if you take time to still be grateful no matter what you are going through, you will see more sunshine than rain.
Peace & Love

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Control your circle or your circle will control you!

I have been given the opportunity to work with youth and teens in helping them understand this world we live in through learning about how to love themselves and others. Being a teen is a difficult time and with the demand for parents to work around the clock these days, teens are resorting to social networks and negative influences to be educated and cope with the lack of support. I have noticed a need and that is why I do all I can to help teens develop a routine of self-love, utilizing positive affirmations and education. What I want to say today is…you are special! Everything about you is special! Your name, your physical and mental state and especially your birthday. See in my world this is how I view things…you weren’t just born because your parents had sex or made love, my parents did that for 11 years without protection and birth control before I was born. However, God has a need for us all and he allows us to transport through the portal (birth canal) all with a purpose and reason for living. What happens is life gets in the way. See our parents and grandparents are products of slavery and unfortunately have been brainwashed and trained to be a productive slave and pay bills. However, this is just to fulfill the greed of government, not our lives! We were not born to be slaves, we born Kings and Queens! I was raised by a very caring woman who just happened to be raised with a slave mentality. I knew at a young age that this wasn’t God’s plan for me…when she refused to give change to the homeless and argued with the service if her order was incorrect and I won’t ever forget the time I got yelled at for bringing some ham outside and I threw a piece to a stray dog…see I always like to helped people and I never liked the idea of judging someone else for how they lived, but that wasn’t the heart of all of those around me. So after thinking long and hard I realize that at the end of the day I was born to fulfill God’s purpose and not what my family believes that I should do. I did not ask to be born to my family because if that was the case I would be the daughter of a wealthy family, however we were all born into a family of vessels. These vessels are human just like us however God is using them for a purpose as well. We have to realize what our purpose is, what we do that makes us happy. Once we grab a hold to our born talents and find ways to do more of those things to promote more happiest, paired with our positive responses and that is when life begins. Once we begin to surround ourselves with people who are we can relate with then we begin the journey of learning ourselves and what makes us happy. Most of the time if you were sent here on special assignment from the Universe you battle with your closest family being jealous of you. Those closest to you can’t understand why you dare to be different and they begin to work to tear you down instead of building you up. You do not have to be defined by the circumstances around you, you can overcome and begin controlling your path through consciousness.

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Why I really became a Vegetarian…

It hurts my heart…so many lives being claimed behind these counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs that aren’t being properly tested, they release them to us as their guinea pigs…you, I and thousands of others lose family members and all they can say…oh well, we must pull that drug off the shelf and figure out what we need to fix so we can re-release it. Then all we are left with is memories and brainwashed people around us who believe it was just his/her time. No, it was not their time…but the crooks do a very good job and making us believe that. Please stop putting so much trust into your Dr., please! I keep saying it…I’ve been saying it. Don’t be their guinea pig! Since the doctor told me in the summer of 2006 that my blood pressure needed to be managed by a pill and I was pre-diabetic and I would possibly need a pill for that too…Lord No! I then asked if I could get a nutritionist to help me avoid it and she said, No, nutritionists are only offered once you have the dis-ease and insurance doesn’t pay to help prevent it…it was in that moment that I stopped trusting the healthcare system. With the assistance of God and God alone, I decided to do what in my family didn’t seem like had ever been done before…I became a vegetarian! My only goal is to gain knowledge, share it and encourage others to do the same! God created plants and that is all I trust! So the exact date was December 1, 2006, I decided on that day that I was going to trust in God to lead me in the direction that my heart desired. I stop eating beef and pork that day for good! It was funny because my 23rd birthday party was approaching, so I thought I was doing good by getting my outfit early to avoid the last minute rush. Party comes not even 2 weeks later my clothes were already starting to fit loosely and I hadn’t even done anything but that little change. So I was excited! Then I began to educate myself on what to eat and not eat, what supplements to take and ask people who have done it before for advice. It was like being born again, so much to learn. I was praying that God brought people into my life that understood and could help me along my journey. I am a visual learner and this was before YouTube, but I needed more options fast because everyone around me thought I was losing my mind! LOL. After giving up beef and pork, I was eating chicken, fish and turkey, but it didn’t take long for me to give up chicken as well. Then I was eating everything turkey…turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey burgers. I let go of the eggs and starting buying egg whites (less cholesterol). I would buy tuna and only mix it with a little bit of mustard and pepper for when I was in a rush or wanted to add it to a salad. Then of course some people around me tried to be discouraging, but it didn’t work. During that time I hung out with my Bestie most of the time and she always supported me, even though she was a little concerned at the same time because the weight was just falling off. My energy was confidence was up..I felt lighter and my mood didn’t have such drastic extremes. It was like all that meat was clouding my natural thought process and blocking my blessings! This was all happening to me at the peak of my life it seemed. I was very active working at UPS, I was also in college and I had been enjoying the single adult life, but it seemed like the doctor took a look at my family history and wanted to push me to continue the cycle, but I had other plans for my life so I continued my journey. I had a blender so I started to make fruit smoothies instead of milkshakes. I can’t forget the Tilapia…my favorite, so I had it a lot…baked with some rice on the side and a salad. I stopped drinking dairy milk and discovered how awesome Soy milk was so I switched…didn’t help that I was still eating ice cream though lol. This was a world that I wasn’t familiar with at all. I grew up as a fast food/restaurant child, except for when Mom wasn’t tired from working…or when Dad didn’t burn the dinner LOL or it was a holiday. Then on January 7, 2007 I met my future husband and guess what…he had been a vegetarian for 5 years! I couldn’t believe it…a handsome, black man and he didn’t eat meat?! Seriously?! This was unreal in my world, but I realized God was answering my prayers! We have come along way almost 8 years later and have learned a lot about the Law of Attraction, the various ways prayers can be answered and how to become Vegan. We haven’t totally committed to the vegan lifestyle yet, but we enjoy it a couple of times a week. My husband gave up alcohol 2 years ago and I just recently within the past few months decided to give up alcohol because it went against my goal, it is not easy…but it is worth it! I may not be as far along in my goals as I want to be, but I have come a mighty long way! 

Peace and Love

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Your Life on Purpose

I heard a speaker once talk about living in your purpose and he spoke about the difference between those people who were born for purpose and those who were born to assist those that were born for purpose. What I learned from his speech was that we don’t choose the family we are born in or the friends we make due to the school or neighborhood we live in. All this is predestined for a reason and the people we encounter were place there to teach and/or protect us during the process of fulfilling our purpose..but we must see life and those around us for what it really is. That means when we realize that it is not everyone’s purpose to make it big or walk a purpose…once you realize that most people’s purpose is to help you make it instead of actually making it themselves then you can realize that it is okay to let go of people who may be holding you back, whether or not they are family. When you let go of the expectations of your family & friends and realize that their purpose is to be used as vessels by God to get you on the path to your life purpose, you can TRULY let go and let God. Now some of you may wonder, what about the people that hurt me, curse me, violated me, were those people sent here in my life for that reason and how is that suppose to help my purpose? My answer may sound astonishing, but the answer is yes! Let me give you an example, since being in Phoenix I was determined to make connections with positive and open minded people such as myself. Through the works of the Universe, my family and I are growing close to a church family. At this church a native man and his wife are in the beginning stages of building their congregation and they offer such good energy (although our faiths differ slightly) that we decided to fellowship with them. During this fellowship we met a woman who belongs to their church who was involved in a fatal car years ago and was close to being crushed in half by a truck, her pre-teen daughter and 4 year old son were in the car. Her 4 year old son was ejected from the car and the accident claimed his life. I learned of this incident after meeting and having a conversation with the woman and from her bright smile and bubbling personality I would have never guessed. Anyhoo, turns out that she was devastated and turned to drugs and street life to cope with feeling responsible for the death of her son. She has scars that won’t never go away emotionally or physically, but her Faith and Will had to be tested in major way because she was born to make a major impact in the lives of others. She was born to be an inspiration for other women in the streets and other women who have lost children, her aura and smile alone could change the hearts and minds of others. I felt a deeper connection to the lady after her Mom finished telling me her story. This was the Saturday before Easter, the next day was Sunday and we came back to show our support during service on Easter Sunday and the woman was there singing her heart out and telling her story during her song. I was touched and gave her the biggest hug after service and we began to talk about what helped her make it through. And to my surprise this woman told me…that even AFTER having a full hysterectomy due to the accident, she gave birth to another boy and today he is 7 years old..she emphasized that this happened WITHOUT any of her female parts! I started to cry..because right in that moment I saw God in her…I knew that yes we go through things and it may seem difficult to find God during those times, but if you can just hang on…God will show himself. And after that happened this woman knew God was real and it didn’t matter to anyone else what their opinion of God was because her journey was real! The magical part about it all is when God chooses someone like that to use the inspiration comes from their experience and the story they tell to others. Life is all about helping and inspiring the next so we all can succeed and to see her smiling and spreading love even after that was a beautiful thing. We are all here to assist each other in some form or another. When people can just stop comparing themselves to others and trying to compete it is easier to realize that some people were born to be, some were born to do and some were born to have and some won’t make it because they aren’t suppose to. If you feel something greater in yourself and your spirit that you can’t quite explain, why be stopped because of others when your purpose is your purpose, on purpose?! Think about it!

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God fixed my flat…

Wow! I can now smile and be happy about where life is taking me. I tell ya…there is some serious stuff that I have learned about this life we live. I have learned that our lives are a direct correlation to our responses to what is happening to us in our lives. If I have learned anything, I have learned that when I love, smile, hug and help others and respond to life in a positive manner I move closer to my destiny and God blesses me..but when I get mad, curse God, poison my body, be selfish and respond negatively…my life is in turmoil. There are so many things that has happened in my life and I ask God why…why me? I had to open my mind, heart, ears and eyes enough to understand that the answers for my questions in life came in various ways and through various people. For example, I can remember driving back to Ohio from college in West Virginia one weekend in the winter and my car caught a flat. (Take mental notes and think about this very carefully) I didn’t freak out right away because thanks to Frank Banks…this girl knows how to change a tire! So, I pulled over and opened the trunk…then it hit me…damn girl, you can change a tire…but you don’t know how to get this tire from under the car! So I freaked out! I hopped back in the car freezing and I just started to cry so hard asking God why this had to happen right at this moment…God answered me and said “Ask and you shall receive!” Then I got really quiet which gave my brain a chance to help me figure out a solution, so I prayed that I could get my tire changed and be safe enough to make it to Cleveland (I was just outside of Akron), so I took a deep breath and with all I had in me I got out of the car and just started to jump around waving my arms (helped me warm up) while screaming…HELP ME, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! Within minutes…there was a van and a pick up truck that pulled over. A woman got out of the van and a man got out of the truck…I was nervous…it was dark, but boy did I have faith…cuz that was all I had left! So the man walks up and calmed me down…he stated that the woman was his wife and their children were in the van…they were traveling and saw that I needed help. I was sooo thankful and he hadn’t even done anything yet! I explained that the back tire was flat and I didn’t know how to get the spare. (Brace yourself) He told me not to worry, he has been a mechanic for 25 years and will get me rolling in no time! My God! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did he get the spare, but he told me that he was going to put the spare on the front and bring one of my front tires to the back to make my trip more safe. He did all of this in the freezing cold with a smile on his face…I haven’t told many people this story until now because people are so biased and this war on religion has us all so twisted that we will fight over which beliefs and Gods to follow when God is Love and Love is universal…therefore, this experience to me was more than just a flat tire, it was like a pivotal moment in my life. Some people would be like girl please, you could have called AAA and got the same help, but what that person wouldn’t understand is this…I wasn’t on the road headed back to see my family, I was going to see my boyfriend. During the same time my family was threatening to repossess my car because I couldn’t keep up with my payments (I had too many college obligations) and my insurance had just lapsed and all my schedule would allow for was a work study job on campus which wasn’t nearly the amount I needed for my bills. I was upset at my family for not offering help and for expecting so much out of me while I was trying to better myself with a higher education. I had so many friends that had their parents taking care of all their bills during college that I couldn’t understand what the hell was wrong with my family. So on this trip I wasn’t just kicking it, I was trying to drive safe because I now couldn’t afford insurance and I needed this car as a means to earn an income and I needed to figure out how to manage my education and my new responsibilities. I needed that 3 hour road trip in order to think, be alone and receive any messages from God that I prayed for. I didn’t know where my life was headed and was just lost, trying to find my way. This entire situation had me confused as a Christian. You see, I knew I was going to have me some premarital sex once I got to Cleveland..but even with God knowing that..he still sent a significant amount of help my way, does this mean that God helps sinners or does this mean sin is just a scare tactic and it doesn’t exist?! This event started my spiritual journey because for once I was able to recognize that God has been there in my life helping me this whole time and I realized that coincidences don’t exist in my world and that there is a divine destiny for my life that wasn’t concerned with how I lived my life, but instead was concerned with how I treated myself and others! Now today during these trying times we all need some encouragement because it seems that life is living us instead of us living life…but I am here to tell you…if you change your reaction to your situations…you can change the outcome as well. This was the first time that I noticed this was a gift and as long as I am positive…good things happen! Stay encouraged my friends

Love and Peace