Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help you smile!

Our programs

Communication 101

Positive Affirmations & coping with stress

Self-Esteem & Appearance

Intro to Law of Attraction

Goals & Ambition


Media awareness

Developing vision boards

Actions & Reactions

Dress for Success

Celebrate You & SMYLE


To get a pen pal friend for yourself or your child follow the directions below:

Email, Subject line: Friend 2 Friend


Pal’s full name and a current photo

Date of Birth


Favorite animal, color and character

physical address and email address

Next step:

Your information will be exchanged with another pal within the same age range and you will receive information about your pal within 7 days.

Program rules:

You must send a gift to your pal within the first 7 days after receiving their contact information. Pen pals are to communicate through US Mail at least twice a month or more. There is no price limit to gift giving, however we encourage pals to exchange handmade gifts and/or cards.

Purpose of the Friend 2 Friend:

So many times as parents we are discouraged to check our mailboxes because we always just expect bills, this program puts a twist on our expectations. Law of Attraction states if we change our expectations we will begin to receive more of what we expect. Also this program will remind and educate our youth on how important it is for our Post Offices and mail carriers to exist, along with encouraging our youth’s creative abilities.