Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help you smile!


This page will contain different articles, videos, suggestions and discussions on information that is vital for our well being. If we truly want to love effectively, it first starts within.

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14 Days of Gratitude is a short day by day guide to inviting more positive outcomes into your life. Exercises presented in this book are physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Everyday we are bombarded with negative thoughts and situations which can influence us to react in a negative way. 14 Days of Gratitude will provide the reader with tips on how to love thyself and appreciate the experiences that life presents us with. Challenging situations are only temporary and with using a few techniques offered in this book, you will start to witness, receive and believe the blessings and responses in life that we truly desire.

Video suggestions of the week!

Let’s come together and learn different ways to give our children the chance for a healthy future!

For those that seek truth!

Every disease and illness that we face is a direct correlation to the food we eat!

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