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Heaven or Hell?

Today as I write I am bombarded with many mixed feelings. How many have experienced the death of a loved one and came to your own conclusion based on how that person lived their life whether they were destined for the beautiful gold road that we are told that is waiting on us beyond the clouds in the heaven or whether they fall down to the fiery pits of hell…don’t front! But the truth is, who the hell are we to judge? After my years of uncertainty about what I was being taught and my many years of psychology courses, I’m not sure if I am too convinced there is a heaven or hell….I mean, thinking about life on a higher level. So we are born right? What is born exactly? My depiction is that our bodies are born, we are babies and must grow. Does that also mean that our spirits or souls are born at the exact same time or have our souls been here before. Think about it! In my opinion my soul is my energy, the very thing that influences and encourages someone elses feelings towards me as others souls are also made of energy. When we die, does our energy die as well? I don’t know about you and I’m not trying to doubt the next person, but yes…I am gifted and talented, but I am sure at some point in the science classroom in everybody’s school life (if you were listening) you heard you teacher say that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed right? Am I wrong?! Well if that is the case, when we die…does that just mean our bodies die and our souls just transform into another body? Should we really be sad when we lose a loved one? Or… should we celebrate the fact that they get another shot at another life and another chance to make it right? How many times does our energy return in the physical form? What happens to the energy that does not transform right away to another physical body? What do you think? Is heaven the beautiful space beyond the stars and hell our souls returning physically to Earth to start all over? Or…do you think Heaven is a beautiful palace beyond the sky and hell is a fiery pit underground? Please share!