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Believing in Faith, without believing in Religion

I’m annoyed by people with little to no faith….they claim their current situation as though it can’t change. They claim disease as though they can’t be healed…they claim death as though they can’t continue to live smh. In my life I have taken sooo many steps out on faith alone just to see for myself what the Universe can do…ignored those around me who are faithless and I tell you…it is amazing! I’ve received money, cars, jobs, relationships, places of shelter, protection all without knowing what the heck was going on, all I knew was it HAS to work out! If I could find more people like that, I would be more social…right now I’d rather just stay in my own world where I believe anything is possible! It gets hard at times and when you look in your pocket at there is no money or you open the refrigerator and it is bare or when you have more bills than income it can be a little frustrating and we may say things because we are confused and upset, but take back those negative words and thoughts immediately and replace them with positivity. The Universe will forgive you and also change your situation. I don’t believe in any particular religion I feel they create separation and war, my religion is love. However I do have faith in a higher entity, not the Son…but the Sun the Creator of the Universe. It doesn’t matter if you believe what I believe or not, the key is to realize you were created with purpose an destiny and your God will not being you this far just to have you suffer, there are lessons an blessings to be acknowledged within the struggle and if you take time to still be grateful no matter what you are going through, you will see more sunshine than rain.
Peace & Love