Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help you smile!

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Teach me baby!

I love when I see new parents teaching their children fundamental learning in a fun way. I just saw a young mom walking down the sidewalk with her infant and each step they took she counted! There are so many nice subtle ways to teach your children their shapes, numbers and letters. I remember when my children were little the ABC song was their bedtime song, start off with just the letters then add a word after each letter once they begin to master the alphabet. It helps a lot once they start school and learn sight words and the sound of letters which in turn will make reading a lot easier to learn. Start teaching your child while they are in your belly! Now that my children are older and I get busy sometimes, I like the comfort of knowing that I can give them the laptop and click on YouTube and find fun educational tools such as these! Also try science experiments for children and cooking for kids, my children love to watch these

Peace & Love