Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help you smile!

About Us


My name is Ono Jackson and I am the Chief Executive Officer at Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively. (S.M.Y.L.E. Inc.), which was founded in 2012. As the amount of social media influences arise, it seems that young women have a distorted perception on who they are and how they need to love and care for themselves. Young women are now being more sexually active without the knowledge on proper care and safety precautions. With the decrease of sexual education and the increase of sexual activity, we are seeing a dramatic rise in teen unwed pregnancies, miscarriages and abortions. Many times these teens become displaced and homeless without a real support group to guide them along the way. Somewhere along the line the sense of family was lost and young people have been left to live and learn, but with the help of SMYLE those importance nurturing techniques will be reintroduced to families in a more customized fashion in order to improve the bond between parents, grandparents and children. Young women need a better sense of self in order to properly carry themselves as women and raise their children in love, peace and harmony. The generational curse of abuse, degradation and control must be cut off and S.M.Y.L.E. is here to help produce a more loving, caring and productive generation and more to follow.

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